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How to Find the Right Expert for Dental Implants?

Written by Gresel Dental Mar 4 • 4 minute read

Gum infection, tooth decay, an accident, or a genetic condition; could be a reason for a missing tooth. Finding a solution? Hop in!

A lost tooth can indeed alter your facial expression or your smile. Plus, no matter how you lose your tooth, it can negatively impact your teeth alignment and oral health, causing a number of issues down the lane if not treated any time soon. 

Fortunately, there are ample incredible treatments available to replace your misplaced tooth or teeth if you're looking to restore the health and magnificence of your smile.

One of the best and most common ways to do the same is with Dental Implant. It is a popular way to get the lost tooth back that has been lost or removed due to some disease or decay.

Although the process of installing dental implants can be tricky, it's vital to find the right dental implant expert for this investment of a lifetime.

Thinking about how to find one? Here are the points you can consider, but before that, let’s understand what dental implants are in a little more detail. 

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are known as the replacement of the roots of the tooth. The implants basically offer a robust foundation for permanent or removable teeth that are made to resemble your existing teeth.

It can also be called a structure that replaces a lost tooth. The expert places an implant, using the screw-like device, into the jawbone, which further acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth known as a crown.

The crown is fashioned to suit the person's mouth and match their teeth's color. Basically, those crowns look, feel, and function like natural teeth. 

However, what matters the most is the dentist who performs the dental implants, as the process requires a top level of skills and expertise. 

Hence to leverage long-term advantages through this significant investment, you need to find the right dentist for Dental Implants Hayward whom you can trust.

3 Crucial Points to Consider While Finding the Right Dental Implant Expert

1. Specialization & Experience

When you rely on someone for your health, you will definitely want to know how qualified they are for the task. 

The same goes for the dentist. The professional must undergo additional education and training to perform a dental implant. So don't hesitate to question the expert's qualifications and experience in the field during the initial selection process to ensure you are giving your oral health to the right hands. 

Commonly all such information about the dentist can be easily found on the website, like where they completed their education, what additional courses they took and completed, and the organizations they belong to.

Be mindful that qualified dentist happily discloses information about their experience and training to the patients so they can be confident while choosing them.

2. Fees or Expenses

Asking for fees in advance is no matter of shame. Go for dental experts who are ready to explain and clarify the entire cost of their dental implants only.

For patients to find pocket-friendly options, the right experts are always also open to financing options that suit the patient’s budget. 

You can even ask for, and hidden costs may occur during the process so that you don't get surprises in the middle of the journey!

3. Impressive Track Record 

Going through past case studies and testimonials would be the last step in your journey to find the qualified yet best dental expert for Dental Implants San Leandro. 

The best experts will have a list of stuff to show from their past careers, including photos of patients with before and after results, documentation, etc. These can be found on their website as well. 

Besides, you can look for patients' reviews online to understand the process and outcomes of their treatment. Clearly, having a lot of bad reviews is a sign not to choose the dentist. At the same time, only good reviews and high ratings are again a red flag— especially on there on own site, as there they can easily publish fake reviews.

So it is better to choose the one for whom you can find both positive and negative reviews of patients who took the same procedure that you're trying to get or patients who mentioned having a history or case that's identical to yours.

Some Additional Things To Check Out While Making A Final Decision

  • Clinic's distance from your residence or workplace

  • The final cost of dental implants in a day & final fees with insurance

  • Availability of experts during emergency services and the sort of emergency services offered

  • What is the approx wait time for the appointments in the waiting area

  • The willingness of staff to answer the questions

  • About the latest dental technology they use

Takeaway Thoughts

So these points are all you need to check on to ensure you find the right expert. 

If you're still looking for someone with the perfect blend of skill and compassion, reach us at Gresel Dental Hayward.

Dr. Pedro Avendaño is equipped to handle all your dental needs and is well-versed in dental implant procedures. He can even help you with Best All on 4 Dental Implants. Learn more about us at (510) 925-0080 

Let us give you the smile of your dreams!

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